Budapest Open 2024

Óbudai Hajógyári Island, Budapest

Budapest Open 2024

Óbudai Hajógyári Island, Budapest

Budapest Open 2024

Óbudai Hajógyári Island, Budapest

Budapest Open 2024

Óbudai Hajógyári Island, Budapest

Budapest Open 2024

Óbudai Hajógyári Island, Budapest

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BUDAPEST OPEN 2024 - 2024.10.19.-20.

This is the information page for the Budapest Open 2024 disc golf tournament, sanctioned by PDGA, and organized by Kanyon DGSE. It should have all the necessary information you need to know about the event! In case you think that there is any information missing, then please get in touch with us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


Process: In order to register, please visit the event registration page, and then fill, and send the registration form! To confirm your registration, please transfer the registration fee to our bank account. Registered players will remain on the registration list until they transfer their fee (updated daily). Players who have registered and paid their fees will be moved from the registration list to tournament entry list at the PDGA event page of the tournament (updated daily). Event capacity is 72 spots.


Phase 1: 2024.02.20. - 2024.07.31.
For Kanyon DGSE club members: Open with 33% discount on registration fee if they transfer fee before the end of phase.

For everybody else: Open with 20% discount on registration fee if they transfer fee before the end of phase.

Phase2: 2024.08.01. - 2024.10.17.

Open for everybody without discount if they transfer fee before the end of phase.

Fee: 15 000 HUF

Fee Payment: Transfering fee(s) to our bank account should be fast and simple with the following bank account data:

Bank account holder: Kanyon Disc Golf Sportegyesület
Account holder's address: 1196, Budapest, Batthyány út 133/A
IBAN: HU90-16200010-10055403-00000000
Name of receiving bank: MagNet Magyar Közösségi Bank
Bank address: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 98.
Remarks: Bp Open + the name(s) of the player(s), guest(s), visitors(s) whoose tourney fee(s) you are transfering.

Please make sure that you pay for all the receiving banking costs as well, you need to make sure we receive the exact amount.

Withrawal and refund: PDGA's official event withrawal and refund policy as published in the Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events applies.


Location: The course is located on the Óbudai Hajógyári Island in Budapest. Generally you will drive to the course. Please note that parking is only allowed in designated areas, and it is forbidden everywhere else. You can also take public transportation: the best option is to take the green regional tram H5 from "Batthyány-tér" metro stop (line M2), getting off at "Filatorigát" and then walk to the island (15min walk from the train stop).

Description: Please note that the Budapest Disc Golf Open course is a temporary one, the tournament is being played in a public park. There are park visitors, and while we are doing our best to keep them away from the fariways (information tables, fb posts, etc), we can not secure an uninterrupted playing experience for you. Plese be patient with park visitors, explain them that we have a permission from the city to run the event. Please note that you are entereing this tournament under your own responsibility, you are lieble for your actions, the tournament organizers are not liable for the actions of players.

Facilities: We will have tournament tents at the course to keep us safe from the sun and the rain (if any), and some benches where we can chill between, before and after rounds. Two refreshment and medical stations will help us stay hydrated and safe.

Map: The course map will be similar to last year's map with some minor changes.


October 18. Friday:

14:00 Course is available for practiceOctober 19 . Saturday:

08:30 Players Meeting at TC - this is the only players' meeting for the event
09:00 First round
12:15 Lunch break
14:00 Second round

October 20. Sunday:

09:00 First round

12:30 Prize ceremony


The tournament will be played in the following divisions:

    • MPO - open to players of both genders
    • FPO - open to female players
    • GREEN - open to players of both genders with PDGA rating not higher than 850
    • PURPLE - open to players of both genders with PDGA rating not higher than 800
    • MJ18 - open to players of both genders with age younger than 18 on their birthday in 2024.

Any player can enter the competition in a higher category, so all players can enter MPO, but players can only play in a lower category if their rating allows it, so someone with a rating of 801 cannot play PURPLE, and someone with a rating of 851 cannot play GREEN. Players who are not PDGA members and do not have a rating can play the PURPLE category only if they have not played PDGA tournaments so far, or they have played PDGA tournaments and the last 6 rounds are not worth more than 800 rating points on average.

In case the number of players in a given division does not reach at least 4, then the players registering to that division will automatically be moved to the closest matching one.


We will use PDGA live digital scoring on the tournament, so please make sure to keep your mobile phones charged. The password for the tournament will be sent to all players through email shortly before the tournament. Just in case, we will also have paper score sheets (weak signal may be an issue).


Rules: The tournament is a PDGA C-Tier event and all official rules and regulations, and all official tournament rules for this tier will apply.

Flights: The first round will be played in semi random groups in shotgun start. The second round will be played in groups by total scores (and in case of ties by lower PDGA number) in shotgun start. The third round will be played in groups by divisions and total scores (and in case of ties by lower second round scores, than by lower PDGA number, than by last name's alphabetical order) in shotgun start.

Prizes: No cash payout. Only prizes, merchandise, trophies, certificates. 20% of the total player fees will be allocated into the main event prize pool. The main event prize pool will be divided into division prize pools based on division sizes. Division prize pools will be distributed among the top 20% finishers in each division. The detailed main event prize payout for all divisions will be published 1 day before the event. In case of tie(s) for positions for main event prizes, sudden death playoff  on hole 1 and then CTP  on hole 1 will decide. Additionally, 5% of the total player fees will be allocated into side event prize pools. The detailed side event payout for all side events will be published 2 days before the event.


CTP Competition
LIMBO Competition
Putting Competition

Tech Disc Challenge

The detailed rules of all side events will be published soon.


Generally speaking the tournament is a self-catering event, but to make this easier:

  • On both days, you will be able to order a pizza, that will be delivered to the Tournament Center around 12:30.  You will need to sign-up for this, and pay the exact price  (please try at least) to one of the organisers
  • We will have drinks (beverages, beer) for sale at the tournament center and water will be free of charge
  • In lunch break you can walk to the kayak club "Honvéd" by Hole #1, where they have all sorts of warm and cold food


If you have any questions, please let us know! You you can get in touch with us and get a response in 24 hours at or at the Facebook event page of the tournament. If you want an immediate response, please call +36 70 223 7730.

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